The Ford Edge Makes Towing Easier

The Ford Edge is one of the best vehicles for towing situations because the hardware under the hood supports general towing procedures that are implemented on the road. For example, because the motor has V6 components, torque and horsepower levels don't drop when very heavy equipment is towed to distance locations.

Ford offers the Edge with a Class II Tow Package, and this option has a 3,500-pound towing capacity. However, the most helpful feature that can dramatically boost safety is the sway control tool. This feature lets a driver tackle towing tasks confidently by adjusting a trailer automatically when swaying occurs. The swaying tool also increases safety when stops are made. In these situations, the system lowers engine torque so that handle doesn't suffer.

If you want to drive the Ford Edge in Raytown, test drives are available at Dick Smith Ford Inc. We arrange test drive sessions in many areas so that locals can experience how the Edge handles on the road.

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