SYNC 3 Informational Entertainment Road System

The SYNC 3 system features hands-free calling, navigation assistance, a touch-screen, voice capabilities, and connection abilities. You can use SYNC to use the Sync Connect Wi-Fi spots. You also have the option to use the SYNC Applink. Ford drivers have access to smart hardware with the SYNC 3 system. It allows you to connect your own mobile devices to its programming.

As the driver, you can experience a whole new way of steering and driving in your car. The vehicle may use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto support. The SYNC 3 system is what to get for smartphone syncing because it will help with the enjoyment of your car-ride experience. The included applications are easy to use and function on all of the technologies. The SYNC 3 system uses Ford's newest brands of technology in the automobiles to this date. It is possible to visit our dealership with questions on how to use Ford's SYNC.


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