The Slick 2018 Ford Fusion

The 2018 Ford Fusion is an entire car line on its own. The mid-sized sedan has something for anyone and everyone looking for a comfortable and pleasant ride. The vehicle is a fuel-miser with an exterior suggesting you are driving a luxury car.

The Ford Fusion's exterior has a notable resemblance to that of the Aston Martin make. The platinum models have an extra chrome and unique wheels while the Fusion Sports models have sporty fog lights, a mesh grille, and charcoal-black wheels. For the EV devotees, the Fusion E models have a lighted ring around the charge port to show charge levels.

The Ford Fusion's interior is classy. The stitching of the dash and the seats with premium leather has the luxury touch that will make the Lincoln oratorical. One can only enjoy the roomy interior and the beautiful leather seats when you take one of the Ford Fusion models on a test drive here at Dick Smith Ford Inc.

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