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2017 Ford Explorer Wows MotorWeek Staffers

If you're shopping the full-size SUV segment for your next vehicular purchase, we here at Dick Smith Ford Inc. feel you'd be wise to save a space on your short list for ours, the 2017 Explorer.

And why's that, you ask?

Get the answer from the industry experts at MotorWeek; their critique of the crossover is as follows:

Much like Goldilocks' perfect bowl of porridge, the Explorer's mid-level engine -- a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder -- offers that "just right" mix of fun and frugality.

Available as an option with the Base and XLT models, this four-cylinder joins…

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You're unstoppable in any season with the Ford Explorer

One of the best advantages of driving the 2017 Ford Explorer is that regardless of the time of year you're driving, it never stops. This all-season, all-terrain vehicle is always ready for adventure, and that's why we're so eager to offer it to drivers around the Raytown area here at Dick Smith Ford.


You don’t stop, so we don’t stop. No matter what time it is. Always Unstoppable. #FordExplorer

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The Ford Explorer is ready to enhance every aspect of…

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Keep it good under the hood: schedule a service appointment today

We've all either seen or experienced the stress of car trouble in the summer. No one wants to deal with that on a blazing hot day, which is why Dick Smith Ford wants to stress the importance of routine maintenance and service appointments.


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For your convenience, we host an onsite service and repair center right here at our Raytown dealership. We can make sure your vehicle is always re

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Make your summer getaway with the Ford Escape

With summer unfortunately winding down, enjoying a few last summer road trips are most likely on your list of things to do. Taking the wheel of the 2017 Ford Escape will surely help you drive to every thrilling location safely and comfortably and you can find it right here at Dick Smith Ford.


No matter where you go, the Intelligent 4WD in the #FordEscape will help you get there.

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The Ford Escape is a functional, versatile crossover with a 2.5-liter engine with 168…

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Here are Our Top Tips for Beating the Summer Heat

We're in the dog days of summer now, making it more important than ever that you protect your vehicle against extreme heat. Here are some suggestions to help you keep your car running like a breeze:

  • Regularly inspect your vehicle.Check the tire pressure only when its been parked in the shade and has been idle for at least one hour. Give the battery a good look, checking for any extreme signs of wear…
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    Be Road-Ready for Your Vacation

    Being road-ready is a process. When you're about to take a trip across the miles, you need to know where you are going and how to get there. The other thing that most people overlook is how their car is running. Here are some tips.

    Possible or Not Possible?
    The first thing you must consider is if your care is really road ready. It's one thing to be on the road, it's quite another to be able to stay on the road and get where you intend to be. Make sure you get your car checked before…
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    Don't Forget the Underside

    While most car owners understand the importance of washing the exterior of their vehicle, many don't realize it is also very important to was the underside of the vehicle, as well. Although, ignoring the underside of a vehicle could cause a lot of damage in the long run.

    Just like dirt and grime can easily build up on the paint of a car, it can also build up on the underside of a car. This can cause drainage holes to get clogged or even restricted. This is why taking your vehicle through a car wash is very important! Car…
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    Changing Seasons, Changing Emergency Kits

    For those of you who live where there are four distinct seasons, your roadside emergency kit should reflect the needs of the season.

    In general, your roadside emergency kit should have two seasons: warm and cold. This means packing two separate kits depending on the weather. For the warm season having lighter weight clothing, and perhaps some sunscreen and a hat, For your cold season kit including layers for warmth, and a wool blanket or sleeping bag. In winter, making sure you have a water source that can't freeze is important. Finally, traction assistance items like kitty litter or…
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    Are Your Driving Habits Draining Your Mileage?

    There is a lot of talk on how to boost your fuel economy. Most tips to boost your fuel economy are focused on the drivers daily driving habits. Changing your driving habits could help to save you some gas and money.

    Removing unnecessary weight from your car is a good way to boost fuel economy. Removing excess weight from your car means that your car will use less fuel when moving forward. So if you're driving around some extra cargo try removing it to save some money.

    Change your driving times to avoid traffic. Doing this will decrease the…
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